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Forms for Foster Homes


The ADOPTION CHECKLIST is an attempt at a checklist to use during adoptions. The top part lists the forms and what goes to whom. The SRGA forms should be mailed with the check to 201 Hampton Drive, Dawsonville, GA 30534 (Kathy Greene's house). You can check them off as you add them to your envelope. The same goes for the things that go home with an adopter. The last section of the form has two blanks before each topic. One is so you can mark that you went over it and the other is so that the adopter can initial that you told them the information. Please print the form and use it during the adoption, then put the completed on in the packet you send to Kathy. This is a new form and is still being updated as we try using it over time. If you have suggestions for it, please let me know.


The ADOPTION AGREEMENT FORM is the form you need to print two copies of before any adoptions. One needs to completely filled in and signed. The other needs to be signed by you and should contain the dog's info, if not the owner's info. This latter version is the one you send home with the adopter to ensure they understand what they signed. The fully completed version belongs in the dog's packet that gets mailed to Kathy. If you have a copier and want to just make a copy of the completed form after both parties have signed it, that is OK, too.


The HOME INSPECTION FORM is the form that should be used when doing home inspections. The completed forms should be put into the dog's folder after adoption. If you do a home inspection for someone not adopting one of your dogs, the completed form should be mailed to Kathy.


The OWNER SURRENDER FORM is what any family giving us a dog needs to complete. Only the Intake Coordinator can agree to take in a dog, but she may ask you to receive the dog and help transport it to her. Shelters do not need to complete this form.


A copy of VET RECORD FORM should already be in each dog's folder. If it is not, please print this form and complete it. This form should be continually updated as long as the dog is in your care.


Please make sure you are familiar with all the information in the Adoptor Information Sheet , as these are the official recommendations of SRGA. Every adopter should be directed to read this document prior to completing the adoption, if it was not previously provided as an e-mail attachment after the adopter was approved. It includes all the topics we want you to cover when going through the Adoption Checklist mentioned above. If you see anything with which you disagree, let's talk about it. If there are topics you wish you'd had a script for when you first started working with us, please let me know and we'll see about adding it. I will be adding something about why one should never give a Sheltie Ivermectin (the main ingredient in Heartgard) shortly. There may be other topics added as time goes on, so check back regularly to see updates.



Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.



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